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With over 15 years of experience in the fashion and apparel industry, Nod Norkus, founder of Pursuit Uniform, brings more to the table than just screen printing know-how.  People talk about cutting out the middle man as if it's a good thing and sometimes it is if they aren't adding unique value. As a former fashion boutique owner, Nod brings a unique understanding of style and trends to the job normally reserved for retail brands.  Here you'll find information about his services, a sense of the style he can add to your brand, and also shop his original designs or just tried and true favorite blanks that are sure to become your favorites too.  

Not just another left-brained creative Nod's three-step business approach of Engagement, Education, and Service, delivers above and beyond customer satisfaction. Engagement focuses on really listening to what's important to the customer. Education helps create savvy customers who understand how the process works.  Customer service is both an oath of excellence and an attitude of empathy. Helping others drives the business to succeed and translates into honest business relationships.

So if you like the idea of working with a consultant, a designer, and a manager for the perfect blend of function, fashion, and price hire Nod for whatever your pursuit may be. We've got you covered!

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