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ART& Logo Design

Providing your own art

We refer to graphics as "art" from old school screen printing processes. A design was literally hand-drawn or traced and "color-separated" into a one-color layout on a page. (Still to this day each color is separated and burned on its own screen.) This was before photoshop or modern design software and the term stuck. Which works for us, because we don't just look at this process as slapping a logo on a tee, but as an art form.  We thoughtfully consider each element of the creative process from the color of the tee, to the location and size of the decoration to how it will be best applied. We love the design process. 


To provide print-ready art now, you'll need to make sure your art is vector, Adobe, Illustrator or Corel Draw, color-separated (every little shape is combined to make one shape), and designed at the right resolution, around 300 dpi or more. 

Art and Logo Design

If you can't get your design into a print-ready format, or you don't know what you want, or maybe you don't even have a logo, no worries we love designing tees. Over the years, we've designed thousands of tees and hundreds of logos, as often a small business like a landscaper or a handyman has never gone through the expense of having a marketing company put together a brand package, which for a lot of companies is an over-kill. We can easily create your logo for use on business cards, flyers, vehicle magnets, banners, signs, ads, or any other promotional materials that can help grow your business. 

Or maybe a brand package is exactly what you need to help grow your business. A brand package can help strengthen your brand, by creating consistency amongst your team or departments. A brand package will provide a finished logo but also the guidelines for how and when the brand can be used on various platforms including different color combinations, size regulations, and how different variations of your logo should be applied in different circumstances. We'll take care of the art of branding, so you are free to do the art of business. 

The Front Range has developed into quite a design hub and we have assembled an all-star collection of talented designers from seasoned graphic designers that specialize in decorated apparel to gifted art directors that have worked on Fortune 500 brands. This communal approach to art and logo design allows us to better match your needs to the right designer so you get exactly what you want without paying too much.

Nature, the original color palette.

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