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The Process

Ordering custom apparel can be tricky, so needing a little help navigating through your options is nothing to be shy about.  It really comes down to a few adjustable variables.


Price per garment

Different styles and materials in a garment are priced differently, just like a pair of jeans or a winter coat.  You want the softest shirt possible? You're going to pay more than the average tee.  Fortunately, our product knowledge can help you source the best options for your budget.

Price per customization

This process basically breaks down to the cost of time of production. The cost factors are labor and materials. Materials, ink, and thread are a small fraction of the cost, which is why a small one color left chest print cost the same as a large full front print, the real cost is in the amount of labor it takes to produce a garment. 


So, General Cost Advice for Screen Printing is if trying to save money, design the garment with the least amount of locations and least colors per location.  Every color added and every location added will cost more money. For example, if you can accomplish a 2 color design with a one-color print and the second color is the color of the tee integrated to show through in the design you are going to pay less than printing two colors. 

General Cost Advice for Embroidery is easy, the number of colors don't matter, but the fewer stitches the cheaper.  So a filled-in circle is going to cost more than just an outline of the circle. And like in printing, every location is like starting over and will cost more.

Initial Setup Charges are incurred the first time setting up a design for production. It takes time and so there's a charge.  Some companies work this expense into the overall cost per garment, but you still pay for it. There are two advantages of charging the initial setup charges separately.

  1. The cost per shirt lowers with every shirt you order, where some companies just give you a price break per tier.

  2. It means the price of the overall job will be less the next time you order the same setup, so if you reorder periodically you'll save on the overall order and the price per garment. 


For Screen Printing setup charges include screens, art and color separations. 

For Embroidery setup charges include digitizing or stitch mapping the design and an initial "stitch-out" or sample.

To sum up, if budget is your number one factor you'll get the best price in either screen printing or embroidery when you embellish the most items per setup on the cheapest garment with the fewest ink colors or stitches. However, that doesn't always get you what you want and quite frankly can be uncomfortable and boring.  If you're going to go through this process you might as well have fun and create something you love. In fact most times, the number of colors in a design or the way a shirt feels and fits matter more than getting the best deal.  I'm here to help you make those choices and balance budget with style.  With close to two decades of experience and an artistic eye for style and detail, rest assured we've got you covered. 

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